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Short and Long Hair Transplant

You are a person who’s obsessed with the thought which tells you that your hair has been thinning for some time. You notice that there are fallen hair strands more than usual, you start to see the bottom of your scalp when you take a close look. After you are sure of your hair loss, you start to think about your options about this issue. The first move is generally to take medicines and pills which are thought to be effective on hair growth. However, they are not that much of a success. The most successful way to fight against hair loss is hair transplantation. You can get both a short and long hair transplant based on your choice.

You see that most of the before and after photos of hair transplant patients include shortest hairs. There is a reason for that and this reason is associated with the success rate of these procedures. Surgeons prefer using shortest hair follicles instead of longer ones in order to provide better comfort during their procedure. Both FUE and DHI procedures may trouble with longer hair transplants, especially during the plantation process of these procedures.

However, longer hair transplantation can also be performed by most surgeons. The main reason for longer hair transplant is associated with the hurry of patients. Some candidates want to see the hair on their head immediately even though they know that the transplanted hair will fall out after some time and regrow back.

Is Short or Long Hair Transplant Better

We suggest the short hair transplant procedures because a surgeon should calculate the angle and depth of these hair follicles with his skills. He uses the implanter device in DHI procedure but it may still not be good enough when it comes to planting the hair follicles in the perfect aim.

You will lose the transplanted hair after sometime anyway. Your scalp will attack these hair follicles and make them fall. After some time, they will start growing again and you will get your final shape within 9 months.

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