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Why Does Hair Loss Happen?

Hair loss is one of the biggest problems that have devastating effects on sufferers. Unlike most of the other conditions, hair loss affects the visual appearance of the sufferers. However, did you wonder what is the exact cause of hair loss? If so, we have some bad news for you.

Unfortunately, hair loss causes can be anything from poor diet to another condition, genetics to hormonal aging. Another common cause of hair loss is aging too. Additionally, certain medications and medical conditions can lead to hair loss too. The best thing you can do to learn the exact cause is to receive professional help.

What Causes Male Hair Loss?

All of the above-mentioned facts can be the cause of male hair loss. However, two of these causes are generally responsible for 80% of hair loss cases. These are aging and heredity. Unfortunately, hair loss due to heredity is a common problem in any part of the world.

This type of hair loss is also known as male pattern baldness since it generally starts and progresses with the same pattern. The good news is that you can treat this problem with stem cell therapy or other hair restoration techniques.

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

Women shed plenty of hair throughout their lives, but baldness is generally rare in women compared to men. They also experience certain but temporary baldness problems too. One of the biggest reasons for female hair loss is hormonal changes. This generally occurs while they are pregnant.

In addition to this, all other hair loss causes we have provided at the beginning of this guide are also valid for women. They can also benefit from hair restoration techniques and stem cell therapy to prevent the progression or treat their problems. However, it is important to learn the underlying cause to prefer the appropriate treatment method both in men and women.

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