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When Can I Massage My Head After a Hair Transplant?

You may wonder why we have prepared such an article or why people wonder when they can message their heads after a hair transplant. However, once you have your hair transplant, you are going to notice why they are looking for this piece of information.

It is important to perform the regular care recommended by your doctor. This helps you to recover faster and ensure better results for your operation. Therefore, it is quite normal for patients to count days when they are allowed to message their hair.

Why May You Want to Massage Your Scalp?

No matter which hair transplant method you prefer as a treatment, hair follicles will be implemented in the target area. This is performed with microsurgery. As a result, there will be barely visible, sometimes not visible, tiny scars on your scalp.

After you start to recover, all these tiny scars are going to itch. You are going to feel an irresistible urge to itch them. Of course, if you do so, you are going to damage the scalp and implanted hair follicles. This will affect the results you are going to get.

When Can You Massage Your Scalp After a Hair Transplant?

Unfortunately, you need to wait for at least two weeks to start massaging your head. However, it is worth noting that this period may depend on technique and patient. The best thing you can do to learn this period is to contact your clinic.

They are going to provide detailed information about when you can start massaging your scalp. One thing to consider is your massaging sessions will be limited to about 10 minutes.

You can get more information about hair transplant procedures by filling out the form.

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