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Synthetic Hair Implant

When you feel that you’ve been suffering from hair loss for some time, you may start to consider your options for new hair. The most common method to provide some considerable density for your scalp is a real hair transplant. A real hair transplant is the first destination that a balding person wants to try out. However, not every person is considered suitable for a real hair transplant. When the options are running low, people may start considering getting a synthetic hair transplant. However, synthetic hair implant care is not so easy as it looks.

Synthetic hair strands are like fake flowers, they may sometimes look funny too you. At least, people experienced lots of bad memories because of the gunny synthetic hair implant jobs that had in the past. However, surgeons of today perform the best synthetic hair implant procedures and it is almost impossible for ordinary people to notice the difference between it and a real hair. So, synthetic hair implant procedure has been becoming one of the most common hair recovery options of people for the recent days.

Synthetic Hair Care

If you want to get a synthetic hair implant, you need to know that there may be some consequences that are associated with this hair’s aftercare. Synthetic hair strands are not alive hair follicles or hair strands. They do not need any feeding from your scalp tissue, so they are not planted on your scalp as hair follicles. They are just like wigs that are attached to your scalp.

Even though they are not real alive hair strands, they need some care and this kind of care is not like how your scalp feeds your reaal hair strands. There are chemicals and cleaning products particularly made for this purpose. Your surgeon will provide you the best prescription synthetic hair care products and you will be using these products untill your synthetic hair becomes completely deformed. Yes, they all deform after some point and you will need replacement for your synthetic hair. This is the only bad part when it comes to considering a synthetic hair implant.

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