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FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey is maybe the world’s most preferred country for those who would like to find a permanent solution for the man’s nightmare, baldness. There are a couple of ways to recover the hair loss on the human head and the most common way to do this is the Fue ( Follicular Unit Extraction ) Hair Transplant Method which is highly performed in Turkish soil.

Turkey is very famous for its cheap prices upon hair transplant surgeries. The surgical clinics generally offer you a complete pack of hair transplant services, meaning that employees of the clinic take you from the Airport and then take you to your pre-booked hotel where you will be spending your time while in Turkey.

What is Fue Method?

The Follicular Unit Extraction ( Fue ) Method is a surgical process in which hair follicles are extracted from the donator part of the head. The hair density is the key factor when it comes to selecting the donor area on the human head. It is the main method used in hair transplant surgeries in the world, especially in Turkey.

Advantages of FUE Method

  • Fast Recovery: The hair-transplanted area of the head recovers in a couple of days.
  • Clean Process: It leaves a little bleeding. Sometimes it is also possible that no bleeding occurs.
  • No-Sutures: There is no need for sutures because of the non-threatening infection level.
  • Hair Calculation: Your hair density is important for the whole process. All of your after and before calculations are done for possible future operations.
  • Eligible Extraction: FUE method allows your surgeon to perform hair extraction from your chest, or beard. No scars are left in such areas after the hair extraction.
  • No-Compilations: The FUE method is completely safe and leaves no damage or permanent spots/scars on your head. There may be slight swellings on your face but it’s all temporary.

How Much is FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The prices depend on the operations that patients would like to have. As we said previously in our post, Clinics in Turkey generally offer you a complete pack of hair transplant services. You just pay a total amount which includes the price of the hair transplant surgery, hotel expenses, and transportation expenses.

The prices are generally between €2,000 – €8,000 based on the service pack you would like to have. Hair Transplant Services in Turkey is almost 5 times cheaper than any other European Countries or the U.S. itself. Europeans, especially British Citizens and people from Arabian Countries highly prefer Turkey for such operations because of the low prices.

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