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Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

There are two basic steps for hair transplantation procedures. First, the hair follicle extraction process, second, the hair follicles plantation process. This is the same for almost every real hair transplantation procedure. So what is non-surgical hair transplant then? How it is performed?

I would like to tell you that there is no such a thing called a “Non-surgical hair transplant” A hair transplantation process means that your own existing hair follicles are extracted from your scalp and used on your scalp again.

Hair follicles can not be extracted without surgical procedure. No one can stand such a pain even if anesthetics are administered before the hair follicles extraction process, some patients claim that they feel some pain and strange sensation over their scalps.

There is a similar hair restoration procedure called ” artificial hair implantation”. Artificial hair implants are planted on the areas where the individual suffers from hair loss. However, artificial hair implantation is not a hair transplantation procedure because hair implants are not real hair follicles.

This means that they will not grow or fall like your real hair. However, you will have to take special care of them because they will not take the feeding from your scalp, they are made of synthetic fibers which mean that you will need to use special products on your implants to keep them fresh. Their durability will reduce in time because it’s inevitable for them to deform. You can only extend their durability with good care.

Artificial hair implants will definitely require replacements in the future. This means that your total costs for hair implants may be higher than a possible real hair transplantation procedure you would get. Besides, a real hair transplantation procedure is always the best procedure for a thinning head.

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