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Should I Have Hair A Transplant?

If you are looking for an answer to the question “Should I have a hair transplant?”, there is the answer: Do it. Hair transplant procedures are the best hair restoration methods for those who suffer from several types of hair loss like male pattern baldness. There are of course so-called hair loss remedies and hair growth methods on the market, however, almost none of them have been approved by any medical community so far.

A hair transplant procedure can achieve more than any other hair loss treatment can. The most natural appearance can be provided by real hair transplant procedures like FUE and DHI only. However, there are some other methods like scalp micropigmentation and artificial hair implantation. Since they do not involve real hair follicle extraction and plantation, the results will not be as natural as FUE and DHI results.

If you want to visit a dermatologist and a hair transplant clinic, both will tell you the same thing: If you are considered eligible for a real hair transplantation procedure, you should not hesitate to undergo it. It is true that today’s artificial hair implantation and scalp micropigmentation procedures promise a good natural look but they are still not good enough as a real hair transplantation procedure.

There is no guarantee that you will have the best results because every person has different body characteristics and immune system. You will probably suffer from shock hair loss during the early days of the hair transplant recovery. However, this kind of hair loss is mostly not permanent. In some cases, a small number of hair follicles may fail to grow themselves again but this is still not considered a hair transplant failure.

If you do not have massive hair loss on your scalp, your hair transplant job will probably be performed in a single session. Most hair transplantation procedures are done in one session. However, depending on the hair density, some patients may have a really good deal of hair density on the back of their heads which can donate lots of hair follicles for their recipient areas, where they suffer from hair loss.

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