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Shock Hair Loss After Hair Transplantation

There are a couple of hair loss types which can be caused by environmental factors or heredity factors. However, shock hair loss is a completely different type of hair loss. Most people experience shock hair loss after hair transplantation procedures. That’s quite normal because those microchannels and new hair follicles may trigger your immune system and eventually make it turn against your new hair follicles. Since they’re strong and survivors of male pattern baldness, they will mostly defend themselves but that’s not certain all the time.

Shock loss is not a permanent hair loss meaning that your lost hair strands will grow from your scalp again after some time. However, it will take more time than usual for your hair follicles to grow your new hair strands back again. There are even cases in which hair follicles may need up to 9 months to fully grow new hair strands.

You will notice that your hair density will increase day by day. You may be exposed to other attacks from your immune system during your hair transplantation recovery. These attacks may also cause further hair loss on your head but they will also grow back after some time.

Once your immune system and your new hair follicles get used to each other, you will not experience shock hair loss again. If some of your lost hair strands do not come back even after a considerably long time, your doctor may suggest you additional hair transplantation session depending on your choice.

Shock hair loss does not always hit every people. Some people do not even experience a single hair drop after their hair transplantation procedure. Since every person has different immune systems, their body’s reaction to hair transplant procedures could be different as well. Hair transplant procedures should be done when your hair is not currently in the rest phase.

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