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What Should Not Do While Washing Hair

Mistakes we make while washing our hair often lead to problems such as hair loss and baldness. In contrast, when we wash our hair in the right way, we can mostly prevent such problems. If you already have a hair loss and baldness problem, you can consider hair transplant treatment procedures such as DHI, FUE, or FUT. But, if you don’t have hair loss or baldness problem still, you have time the prevent such problems.

As we mentioned above, we should good take care of our hair. However, we make so many mistakes while we wash our hair. Let’s look at the common mistakes while washing hair.

While shampooing we need attention to our scalp, because the roots are often the oiliest parts of the scalp. In contrast, the ends of the hair are older and dry. Thus, end up getting more dehydrated after being washed with shampoo. So, you need to focus more on cleaning the scalp and rinse out the shampoo with warm water.

Another common mistake is scrubbing the scalp with your nails. This act can cause abrasions and attract infections. You should lather from the roots onto the ends of your hair, all the while gently washing your hair with your fingers. Also, hair is vulnerable when it’s wet: hence using back and forth or circular actioın to wash your scalp can cause breakage, weaken the follicles, or tangles.

Shampooing is one of the common mistakes while washing hair. Washing your hair twice will strip your hair of its natural oil which will negatively affect the growth of your hair and trigger damage.

The last mistake often we do is, rubbing our hair with a towel to dry it. Instead, we should gently pat to blow dry our hair. After that, we should allow our hair to dry naturally.

Briefly, washing hair can be important than we thought. Because it can prevent hair problems such as hair loss and baldness. But we should wash our hair in the right way and we should avoid the common mistakes that we mentioned above.

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