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Hair Transplant In Turkey During COVID-19 Quarantina

Most people living in Europe and the U.S. would like to visit another country like Turkey to get a good hair transplant procedure. The main reason for such a choice is the prices. Turkish hair transplantation clinics offer the best prices for tourists who would like to get common hair transplant procedures like DHI, direct hair implant or FUE, follicular unit extraction. However, hair transplant in Turkey during COVID-19 quarantine could be very tricky since almost every country who has been shattered by the COVID-19 outbreak does not allow a single airline company to operate flights.

The only way to get to Turkey is air transportation. We know that aesthetic clinics in the U.S. and especially those in the U.S. are very famous for high hair transplant prices. Since these people can not afford such aesthetic procedures in their countries, these people are also expected to look for cheaper options, even their flights. Most people buy their tickets for flights to Turkey before months to make it cost cheaper than usual. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most airline companies have canceled their flight until an unknown date. What about the flight tickets? What about the hair transplant packages that thousands of tourists bought before they get to Turkey?

When Health Tourism Returns to Normal?

Since countries that were hit by the virus the worst have already started making their preparating for the summer, the virus is expected to lose its potential during the mid summer of this year. Most European countries have lots of income thanks to their tourism operationS and health tourism is one of the biggest one. Especially Turkey is the Europe’s biggest aesthetic mainland and cannot spend a single summer without its profits from tourism, typicall from health tourism.

Turkish government has been trying very hard to make the virus disappear and they have really been doing great job since the outbreak. Aesthetic clinics and airlines had to return some patients’ money back because of the outbreak and most people expect higher prices on hair transplant packages during this summer. However, it could be the opposite because aesthetic clinics would not want to lose their clients and prefer their business to keep alive.

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