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Shock Hair Loss FAQs

Shock hair loss is a type of hair loss that is seen after real hair transplantation procedures. Not all hair transplantation patients suffer from shock hair loss but many of them get hit because of several reasons. There are numerous rumors about shock hair loss and most of them are actually urban legends. Let’s take a look at the most common shock hair loss FAQs and look for some answers to these questions in our post:

  • What is shock hair loss?
  • What are the reasons for shock hair loss?
  • Will lost hair strands return after shock hair loss?
  • Can we prevent shock hair loss?
  • What is the truth about shock hair loss?

Immune systems of patients may react differently to hair transplant procedures, especially the microchannel opening sequence. When the immune system attacks the transplanted hair follicles by designating them as a threat to the body, the external parts of the hair follicles, which are your hair strands, fall out. This is called shock hair loss.

Shock hair loss is mostly temporary because the hair follicles do not fall completely. However, it may really take a long time for your scalp to recover its loss. Experts say that it may even take up to 9 months to get the full hair density on the scalp again.

Since shock hair loss is not a permanent hair loss, the only thing that you can do about it is just waiting. You may also suffer from additional shock hair loss periods during your hair transplantation recovery. However, they are also temporary and you will see that your hair density will increase in time very slowly. It is always best to take photos of your scalp on a monthly basis.

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