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Headbands After Hair Transplant

When you take a walk on the streets of Istanbul, especially those in Taksim district, you will probably see people walking around with bandages on their heads. This means that these people got hair transplant procedures in Istanbul and took a talk in the streets. The best protection for transplanted hair is a personal lock-up. You need to stay at home during the early days of recovery. However, it can sometimes be impossible for some hair transplant patients to stay at home all the time. However, some may have to go outside and need to be extra careful when they’re outside. This is why most candidates use headbands after hair transplant.

Hair transplant surgeons do not allow their patients’ to wash their heads for a couple of days after their procedures. During the early recovery, patients need to take care of their wounded scalp especially when they sleep. Headbands should be worn during sleep and the patients should sleep on their back for a couple of days. The most critical period during recovery ends when your scabs on your scalp start falling. Headbands are the best way to protect your scalp from environmental factors during the early recovery.

Your surgeon will tell you how long you will be wearing headbands. It is always good to see your doctor upon something new shows up about your hair transplantation. Some people use bandages to cover their scalp, however, they are not as comfortable as headbands.

Headbands protect your recipient area on the scalp from sunlight exposure and possible sweating because of it. It is very dangerous to expose your wounded scalp to sunlight. So, headbands should be used for a couple of days more once you make sure that your scalp is ready to see some sunlight.

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