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DHI Procedure – All You Need To Know

DHI is an innovative hair transplant surgery that has helped many people with their hair loss issues. Even though DHI is the greatest hair transplant process, many patients suffering from hair loss prefer the FUE approach. We’ll look at the DHI procedure in this article. And we try to explain everything you need to know about the DHI procedure.

Performing DHI Procedure

Direct Hair Implantation is abbreviated as DHI. It is regarded as the most effective hair transplant surgery. Although hair transplant surgical approaches are likely to be performed in the same way, DHI differs technologically. The majority of the DHI procedure is similar to that of FUE. It’s so similar to FUE so, some people refer to it as Micro FUE. Unlike other operations, doctors remove and plant hair follicles using a pen-like device in this surgery.

DHI Procedure Review

Despite the fact that DHI is the greatest hair transplant procedure available, many people with hair loss prefer the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method due to the DHI procedure’s high cost. The process is quite expensive due to the technology that DHI uses. Because FUE achieves the same outcomes, it has attracted a large number of hair loss patients. Most hair loss patients, however, will prefer the DHI hair transplant treatment when the pricing is fairer.

If you suspect you have a hair loss problem, consult a doctor to determine the best hair transplant option for you. Except for those with heart or blood disorders, all hair transplant operations can be performed on anyone. Our skilled team can provide you with information if you are considering a hair transplant operation. You can contact us by filling out the form to learn more about the DHI procedure in Turkey.

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