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Diffuse Hair Loss on Scalp

Diffuse hair loss on the scalp is not as common as a receding hairline situation. It is true that people may suffer from diffuse hair loss at a young age because of several reasons but the primary reason is mostly male pattern baldness. There are good things and bad things about diffuse hair loss except for the fact that it’s a hair loss.

Diffuse hair loss can be so annoying because the scalp’s bottom can be seen without even looking too carefully. A receding hairline which is the most common hair loss type is actually better than a diffuse hair loss when you do not take the fact that it’s a still hair loss into consideration.

There is no good or bad hair loss, they’re all hair loss and they’re all bad. However, you may have some other hair restoration options if you suffer from diffuse hair loss. For example, you can prefer scalp micropigmentation which is very famous for its success in providing a good deal of hair density on the scalp.

However, you should not forget that you will not have long hair after a scalp micropigmentation. Pigments will provide a topical effect on your scalp, meaning that they will not grow longer as your real alive hair follicles do.

You will have to live with short hairstyles. There are many celebrities who got scalp micropigmentation jobs and live with buzz head hairstyles. The receding hairline problems are easily fixed with scalp micropigmentation procedures. However, performing such procedures on diffuse hair loss can be a bit hard and may take a couple of sessions.

The best solution is always a hair transplantation procedure. Male pattern baldness can not be treated with any kind of medical procedure but you can have some real alive hair on your hair loss area once again. The hair follicles at the back of your head are strong ones, meaning that they will be just fine against male pattern baldness.

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