Learn More About Hair Transplantation

How Much Is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation treatments have recently become a figure of health tourism. There are a couple of countries which are famous for health tourism. South Korea is considered to be the health tourism holder and Turkey is probably the second.

Since our topic is about the prices of Hair Transplant operations, Turkey should be the country we should mention because of its location and features that provide the best hair plantation services. But what about the prices? What to consider when you’re thinking of receiving a hair transplantation treatment in Turkey? Let’s take a look at this situation with the eyes of a Britishman because the British people are the biggest visitors of Turkey who come to this country for health tourism, mostly for hair transplantation surgeries.

The Irish celebrity, Jeremy McConnell has become a public interest with his beard transplantation treatment that he received in Turkey. Jeremy McConnell shared his before and after surgery photos with the public and made it very clear that Turkey is the leading country in the hair transplant industry. After that, he has later become UK director of a famous hair transplantation clinic.

This example doesn’t include anything about the transplantation prices but it’s a good sample of success we can’t ignore. So here comes our ordinary example, an ordinary person with a regular, moderate income.

Let’s assume you choose Turkish Airlines to get Istanbul and prefer economic seats. The average price for your flights ( return flight included ), is generally between 150-250 GBP if you book your flights a couple of weeks earlier. We assume that you would like to get your hair transplantation treatment in a clinic located in Istanbul. Clinics in Ankara are also good but they can’t challenge those in Istanbul for sure.

Once you got Istanbul, there another important situation you need to deal with, your accommodation. You need to find yourself a hotel for your rest during your surgery sessions and the very early recovery periods. Your trip should not last longer than 2-3 days because most of the clinics guarantee that you will get to your work within 3-4 days.

Calculating Your Hair Transplantation Expenses

Average 5-star hotels cost you 100-150 GBP for one night stay according to the data shared by booking.com. Let’s say you will be staying for 2 days that makes around 200-250 GBP.

So what about the hair transplant surgery costs? The price mainly depends on the method that is used for your hair transplantation treatment. FUE is the most popular technique in recent years and an average FUE hair transplantation surgery costs around €1500-2000 depending on the grasps you would like to be transferred.

The clinics in Istanbul generally offer you a complete pack of services including accommodation, transportation, and hair transplant costs. You just pay once and all of these expenses are covered with that initial money you pay.

When you compare the clinics in Britain and Turkey, costs in Britain are three times higher than Turkey’s. This makes it very popular to visit Turkey for such operations. If you are okay with visiting a foreign country for this kind of purpose, you will be satisfied with the low prices and the precious and the biggest city in Europe, Istanbul.

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