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Cold Shower Benefits For Hair

The cold shower is mostly seen as less-beneficial by most people. There are not so many reasons for such a thought, the only reason is it’s being cold. People always think that cold makes people sick while hot is a remedy for many things. However, this is not the same for the shower situation. Both cold and hot shower has its own benefits. For example, the shower is very essential to haircare and cold shower benefits for hair are so many when compared to hot ones.

Cold shower can be very annoying as you first expose your body to cold water, I know how it feels. However, cold water tightens your body including your muscles. When you wake up or return from work, it is always best to take a cold shower instead of hot one. Cold shower repairs and tightens your muscles. Hot water is also beneficial for your body but it mostly relaxes your body and prepares you for sleep. Muscle repair job is done better with cold shower.

Cold shower is also beneficial for hair follicles. Your hair follicles may go loose because of several factors and this results in permanent or temporary hair loss. Cold shower will tighten your hair follicles and protect them from falling. However, if you wash your hair in cold water more often than usual, you may suffer from possible dryness on your scalp. Dryness also causes hair loss on your hair.

You should careful with the frequency of your showers because you may cause a decrease in the scalp oil which is required for the feeding of your hair follicles. This is actually how dryness begins in the first place.

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