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After Hair Transplant

There are several precautions needed to be taken after a hair transplantation surgery. The procedure is completely safe when we think of the overall operation. During the operation, nothing other than just a little bleeding ( rarely seen ) is seen and you don’t feel any agonizing pain.

Patients are generally troubled by the after-surgery swellings around the operated area. These after-surgery swellings are not hazardous for your health at all.

What Causes Swellings?

The main reason for these swellings is the wrong sleeping way during your recovery time. Your harvested donor area and the transplantation area have been through surgery after all. You are not supposed to sleep as you do it all the time. Your head should be elevated in 45 degrees during the sleep and you should keep sleeping in this position at least 5 days.

You should avoid drinking alcohol and drugs like aspirin during your early-recovery state. Remember that every grasp in your head is considered to be individual scars after all. You don’t know what every grasp would react to such drugs.

One of the ancient, but the best ways to prevent swellings is the ice applying method. Administer Ice to your forehead every 3 hours, 15-30 minutes of administering will be enough for you to prevent possible swellings.

Pain or Infections After Hair Transplant Surgery

Infections are almost impossible to occur. If you are sensitive to your daily cleaning, then you have nothing to worry about. You should avoid touching the harvested area and the planted follicles. In case of emergency, you should use sterilized gloves and avoid rough contacts.

If you experience pain in your donated and harvested areas, you should use prescripted drugs only. Your responsible clinic will provide you the best painkillers which won’t interrupt your recovery state.

Washing Your Hair After the Operation

It generally takes 3 days to perform the first hair-wash after the surgery. You can wash your hair without interrupting the roots of the newly planted follicles. Use warm water when cleaning up your hair. Don’t use hair dryers for a month! This is so important because you may burn the recovering roots

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