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How to Cut Hair After Hair Transplant

People are generally curious about somethings when it comes to thinking of a hair transplantation procedure. They look for answers to some of their questions. For example, ” How to cut hair after hair transplant” is a famous one that needs to be answered. Other questions can be listed as follows:

  • Will my transplanted hair strands fall out?
  • When can I wash my hair?
  • When can I swim in the sea or pools?
  • When will my hair grow as it did before?
  • When can I expose my scalp to sunlight?
  • When should I quit wearing hats?
  • In what position should I sleep?
  • When will my scabs fall out?
  • Why do I suffer from itching and swelling?
  • Is it normal to have redness on both donor and recipient areas?

Of course, there are even more questions than those but they are the FAQs after all. All of the answers to those questions generally depend on how you pass your recovery. For example, if you move your body much, you may suffer from swelling. Itching means your wounds are healing themselves.

Redness is also a result of your body’s reaction to the hair transplantation procedure. It’s healing, so it’s normal. You will need to wait for some time to recover your wounds. Once your early recovery is finished, you can expose your scalp to sunlight and water. However, you should be gentle with it, do not push your scalp too hard.

You will probably suffer from shock hair loss, which is not permanent. Almost all of your transplanted hair strands will fall out but they will return after a really long time, so don’t worry. Scabs will fall out once your scalp’s done with the recovery.

You can wash your hair after 4-5 days, however, you need to be gentle with it and use the products that your surgeons suggests you only.

You should adjust your body in order to keep your scalp comfortable. A smooth pillow with a good, soft cover will do the job. You should not completely cover your body with your blanket. Your head should be outside it.

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