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Itching After Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures are not as easy as they seem to some people. Your hair follicles which are the smallest organs of your body are extracted and planted on your recipient area during a standard hair transplantation procedure. There are several complications which are associated with hair transplantation procedure. Hair transplant candidates especially experience one or more complications after their procedures. Itching is almost inevitable during your hair transplant recovery. Itching after transplant can be dangerous if they become more severe during your recovery.

There could be several reasons for itching on your transplanted hair. However, it is mostly associated with your immune system’s reaction to your hair transplant procedure. You know that you will experience a certain hair loss during your hair transplant recovery. This happens because your immune system targets your hair follicles considering them a threat to your body. This results in a temporary hair loss on your scalp and you will regain your hair density in time. However, this may happen differently in some cases. Some patients complain that they also experience itching during their early recovery. If you manage to bear your itching, you will probably just fine.

What Should I Do About Itching

However, you may feel like you can stand the itching on your head which has been gradually increasing. No matter what happens to your wounded scalp, you are not allowed to touch it, interfere with it, temper with it, or scratch it.

If all of your tries fail to ease your itching, the only thing you can do is to see your doctor. He knows the best about you and already has your surgery map. You simply talk to him about your itching problem and he will probably give you some prescription drugs.

It is very dangerous to use drugs without your doctor’s knowledge. You are supposed to take prescription drugs only to prevent any additional complications or side effects.

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