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Why Hair Transplant Fails

Everyone person who experiences any kind of hair loss may want to get the best hair transplantation procedure. A smooth hair transplantation surgery may depend on several factors. In order to receive the best hair transplant surgery, every person should meet certain requirements needed for the procedure qualification.

There are so many cases in which people have suffered from a failed hair transplantation procedure. In order to understand the factors behind why hair transplant fails, one should first find out the reason behind his hair loss.

Reasons for Hair Transplant Fail

A good hair transplant candidate should have some features. The most important thing when it comes to being a good candidate for a hair transplant surgery is the donor area of that person. The donor area should have enough hair density so that the surgeon can harvest a good amount of hair strands that are needed for the recipient area of the person.

If you don’t have enough hair density on your scalp and still want to undergo hair transplantation surgery, it is really hard for you to find a surgeon that may want to perform your surgery. However, this is where morality leaves the minds of people.

Some greedy surgeons may accept your hair transplantation surgery request and perform your surgery. This may result in a possible exhausted donor area. I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of hair transplant failure cases in which people with exhausted donor areas can be seen.

Other than the donor area issue, you should have a good overall health condition and non-smoker or drinker. Diabetes patients and people with serious heart and skin diseases should not even think about getting a hair transplantation surgery because their transplants may fail after some time.

Chemotherapy sessions are famous for causing massive loss. If you are diagnosed with a chronic disease and taking chemo sessions, you should avoid a hair transplantation procedure.

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