Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Aftercare

It is so important to be qualified as the best candidate for a hair transplantation procedure. There are certain needs required for a hair transplantation procedure. You should meet these requirements in order to get the best hair transplantation procedure. Your hair transplant may fail if you don’t meet certain requirements. However, most hair transplantation failure cases are associated with hair transplant aftercare. We said that there are things to be done before hair transplantation surgery, but there are also things that should be done during your recovery time.

The hair transplant procedure is not like what it seems. Some people may see these procedures as very simple ones. However, hair transplantation surgery could be very complicated based on the cases. Ethnicity, number of the grafts, the gender are the most important factor that should be taken into consideration by a hair transplant surgeon.

What To Do After Hair Transplant

The most important thing to do after a hair transplant procedure is to limit your daily movements. You should not expose yourself to the sunlight to prevent your newly transplanted hair from Xrays and ultraviolets. Remember that your scalp is still healing and possible sunlight exposure may result in a hair transplant failure. And a hair transplant failure may bring an additional repair job which is the worst thing that may happen to an aesthetic procedure candidate.

The first week after your hair transplant procedure is the most important time. You should be extra careful within the first week of your recovery. You are not allowed to interfere with your hair plugs. During this first week, you are not also allowed to wash your hair. You should give your sex life a break for about two weeks. You may damage your newly transplanted hair follicles while having sex. So it is for your own best not to have sex for the first two weeks of the recovery.

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