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Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) is a hair transplantation technique in which a patient who’s been experiencing hair loss receives a follicular unit movement treatment. This means that the follicular units on the donor area of the body ( mostly the back of the scalp ) are harvested one by one and are planted on the recipient area ( the balding area of the hair ) of the person.

This technique has been the late years’ trend mostly because of the low prices. Don’t let these low prices misguide you, because doctors using this technique, especially those live in Turkey which is the most famous place for such operations and is considered the best around.

What Is a Follicular Unit?

A follicular unit is a special group of hair selected as a harvest unit. Each follicular unit has a couple of individual hairs, generally between 1-4. The main reason for extracting the hair as individual follicular units is to prevent or minimalize possible traumas in the scalp. The complete extraction of the donor area without harvesting the follicles may result in scalp traumas and may not even cure the balding hair.

Patients who receive Follicular Unit Extraction treatments for their balding head generally don’t experience trauma but may face with slight bleeding or after-surgery pains. But you should not forget that pains, swellings or inflammations over the surgical area can not be considered as side effects but a cost you must pay, sometimes.

Is FUE Any Good?

If you are enough of your balding head and this has been troubling you mentally, especially if you are male, then you should consider receiving FUE treatment. Turkey is considered to be mainland of such aesthetic procedures. Famous hair transplantation clinics in Turkey generally offer you a pack of services which include transportation and hotel services at once. You are asked to pay for all the services for just once and all of your expenses are covered with that money.

The economical features of the FUE method are such an important factor for choosing it. But what about the health factors? Does it work? Is it any good? It is not that hard to convince you about the success of this technique. Clinics share some of their patients before and after photos with their permission, simply take a look at all the photos and review commentaries on the internet, mostly the patient experiences, then you are good to go.

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