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Black Male Hair Transplant FUE

black male hair transplant

Black male hair transplant is one of the most questioned issues because of their special hair type. As you know, there are lots of different people with race, heredity, immune system, metabolism, body shape, hair type, etc… When people consider a hair transplant procedure, they usually want to keep their racial identity. This is the same in hair transplant procedures.

Hair transplant FUE is known for excellent results in giving the best natural-looking appearance. Since the reason for the choice for FUE is the natural results, the procedure generally requires individualized hair transplantation plans for patients. For example, a Hair Transplant FUE for a Black male should be performed differently for an Asian male.

How is Hair Transplant FUE Performed On A Black Male?

To achieve excellent outcomes, you must first understand hair kinds and hair transplant procedures. In most hair transplant procedures, hair follicles are extracted and planted in the recipient area. A hair follicle is a collection of hair strands that individually contain one to four hairs.

Because Asians have more hair follicles than the average Caucasian, their hair is usually straight. Hair follicles, on the other hand, have less hair, giving them a high-density hair appearance. In reality, Asians’ hair is often thinner. A Black person, whose hair is prone to curling as they grow longer, has an average number of hair follicles with the maximum number of strands, unlike Asians.

Everyone follows the same FUE steps the key point is the number of grafts to be implanted. According to doctors, as a black man’s hair grows longer, he will have greater coverage than ever before. As a result, fewer grafts should be implanted in the recipient area of a black person with hair loss.

The surgeon should also plant the follicles at the best angle and depth to produce the greatest natural appearance. The robotic FUE method is the most effective method for such intensive treatments and always ensures the most natural results. Unfortunately, the robotic FUE treatments are more expensive than other well-known techniques, such as sapphire and traditional FUE.

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