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Hair Transplant Qualification

A standard hair transplant procedure may seem quite an easy job for you to undergo. However, the hair follicles that are extracted in a hair transplant are actually organs of the body. They are the smallest organs of your body and this is the reason why these procedures are called hair transplants. Unlike the common misconception which people think that every person can qualify for a hair transplant, there are several requirements for hair transplant qualification actually.

Hair transplant qualification is not like any other aesthetic procedure qualifications at all. Most of the cosmetic and plastic procedures require some qualifications which are generally associated with the eligibility of anesthetic drugs. However, a hair transplant may require more than just anesthetic state eligibility. There are lots of things that may your hair transplant fail if you do not meet some of these requirements. However, every hair transplant candidate has suggested an individualized procedure that includes the possible hair transplant sessions of the same person.

Am I Qualify For A Hair Transplant?

The most important thing required for the hair transplant qualification is assocaited with the hair density on your donor area. The donor area is the place where your existing hair follicles are going to be extracted and used on your recipient area ( balding area ). The donor area is choose as the back of the head during the most hair transplant procedures. This means that you need to have enough hair follicles on the back of your head. If you do not have enough hair follicles on your donor area, your procedure request will be probably refused by your surgeon.

If you have enough hair follicles at the back of your head, then there a couple of more requirements you need to meet. You should have a good health condition, you should not have a serious skin disease, you should not have a serious or chronic diseases, you should have a strong heart. You should be a non-smoker.

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