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Travel Turkey For FUE

Turkey has always been the best place for aesthetic procedures for no doubt. People from every corner of the world visit Turkey for touristic purposes, more specifically, for health tourism. They would like to visit around and get their aesthetic procedures like hair transplantation procedures in Turkey. Especially during recent years, people travel to Turkey for FUE, short for one of the best hair transplantation procedures, the follicular unit extraction.

Most hospitals and hair transplantation clinics are able to carry out not only FUE procedures but also DHI, direct hair implant procedures as well. Low-price and high-quality FUE procedures have made Turkey the biggest health tourism destination in the world. However, some people are still not sure about the safety of hair transplantation procedures in Turkey. Even they see the before and after photos of previous visitors, they can’t stop thinking negatively about Turkish clinics for some reason. Why these people think about Turkish clinics is associated with the lowe prices on aesthetic procedures, not just hair transplant procedures.

Why Turkey is Best For FUE?

Turkey, rather Istanbul is the biggest place in Europe in terms of everything. It is estimated that Istanbul has more than 350 aesthetic clinics only. Almost all of them are able to perform FUE surgery. You will need to buy a package of services which include the cost for hair transplant surgery, airport transportation, and hotel.

People run smear campaigns against Turkish clinics in order to damage their reputation among tourists. These campaigns are carried out rival clinics in Europe and the U.S. They try to attract these tourists to their clinic by claiming that Turkish clinics perform cutthroat hair transplant procedures which is not true. Before and after photos of previous visitors are out there on the internet and you can simply take a look at them.

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