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Shock Loss Months After Hair Transplant

People may experience shock loss months after hair transplant. This type of hair loss is mostly considered as a hair transplantation failure by most people. However, that is not true because your scalp is making a fresh start after the procedure.

Shock Loss is a result of microchannel opening on your scalp. Your immune system thinks that your body is under attack on your scalp location and something has to be done about it. It attacks your hair follicles making the external parts ( hair strands ) of it fall.

Your immune system may perform these attacks a couple of times, too. That’s why your full density on your scalp will need a long time to recover this loss. Most experts say that full hair density recovery generally takes up to 9 months. Your losses because of shock hair loss are mostly temporary.

However, shock loss may leave permanent damage on your hair follicles if it’s coincided with your hair’s rest phase. Any type of hair loss which is combined with rest phase hair loss will probably result in some permanent hair loss. It is impossible to know that when was the last time a person has entered his rest phase.

That’s why experts suggest that one should undergo hair transplant procedures when he realizes that his massive hair loss period stops. This is supposed to mean that the person’s rest phase comes to an end and this type of hair loss will not occur during the next 3 years.

Most hair transplant surgeons generally say that if a person is under 35, there is always a chance of further hair loss, even after hair transplant procedures. That’s why most patients who are under 35 are warned for possible further hair losses, and they’re also told that they may need additional hair transplant sessions in the future.

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