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Thinning Hair in Women

Everyone knows that it’s a rare thing to see a balding woman around. Hair loss is generally associated with men because of a certain type of hair loss, male pattern baldness. However, the number of women diagnosed with a type of hair loss has been increasing thanks to the conditions of the 21st century. Thinning hair in women can be very annoying considering that hair is everything for them.

There are men who look cool even with their balding heads. However, we can not say the same thing for women. Women are associated with their hair. They need to change their color, size, and shape sometimes, they need that. Since there’s no cure for hair loss, the best option for this problem is a possible hair transplant. No woman would enjoy a full-shave FUE or DHI procedure because it generally takes at least a year for women’s hair to grow a considerable amount in length.

Why Women Lose Hair?

Women take care of themselves more and better than men, there is no doubt about that. However, taking care of themselves more than men does not mean that they’re doing the right thing. For example, experts say that it is harmful to wash your hair so often. Because your scalp produces a specific oil that feeds your hair follicles. If you wash your hair too often, you will eliminate this oil and your hair follicles does not get enough feeding from your scalp.

Curling irons are also harmful to your hair strands. This item is used to give a curly look to the hair by burning it. In summary, it’s called hair ironing. However, not every person has the same type of hair. Some people have weaker ones, while some have strong ones. Ironing may cause massive hair loss after some time, especially when it’s performed too much.

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