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How to Control Hair Loss

Hair loss can be prevented with several natural methods. For example, those who wash their hair too much are generally more likely to suffer from hair loss. You need to lower your hair wash and the hair cleaning products you use. For example, people really like moisturizing creams and shampoos every day.

It is true that these products provide a fresh, clean, and more alive appearance to your hair but intense use of them is really bad to your hair’s health. The problem of how to control hair loss is very common because it is actually a hard thing to know what kind of hair loss you’re suffering from.

The body needs water more than anything. It is crucial for you to regenerate your tissue and feed them. Your hair follicles also need so much water. You already know what happens to dry hair, hair breakage, and hair loss are very common in people with dry hair.

If you have dry hair, the very first thing to do is using a moisturizing product and lower your hair wash rate. You need to see if your hair loss and hair breakage decreases when you solve the dryness problem of your hair.

If you still suffer from hair loss even though you’ve tried all of the possible natural hair loss prevention methods, this probably means that yours is male or female pattern baldness. Male / female pattern baldness can not be treated or reversed. It hits people and causes massive hair loss at some point then stops. It generally starts with a receding hairline then causes massive hair loss on frontal hair and the top of your head.

The only possible permanent solution for your lost hair is a hair transplantation procedure. A hair transplantation procedure like Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) or Direct Hair Implant ( DHI ) can provide you a good hair density as the final solution. If you’re eligible for any of these, you can enjoy your strong hair follicles on your hair loss areas again. Since the hair follicles at the back of your head have survived from male pattern baldness, they will be also just fine after your hair transplantation.

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