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Hair Loss in Children

When we speak of hair loss, most people imagine of balds men in their minds. It is true that most men are cursed with a type of hair loss, especially with male pattern baldness. Hair loss in women is not so common but it can be seen just like men. However, hair loss in children is very rare. It is true that children may not have so many hair strands. This may change as they grow up but some may not have a good hair density even in the future.

Low hair density does not mean that a person is suffering from hair loss. The best place to see if your kid’s suffering from a kind of hair loss in the bath. If you notice that more hair strands than usual fall during showering, you can conclude that your kid is really suffering from a kind of hair loss.

Consult a dermatologist

The first thing that should be done is to consult a dermatologist. Your kid’s scalp and hair follicles will be examined by doctors because there may be a kind of skin disease behind your kid’s hair loss. Once you’re done with the dermatologist, you can apply creams, lotions, shampoos, and drugs that your dermatologist prescripted for your kid.

Bathing too often

If your kid goes to bath too often, this may cause dryness on his or her hair as well because the scalp produces a special oil that is used to feed the hair follicles underneath her / his skin. If your kid still suffers from dryness on her / his scalp, you should get creams, lotions, and shampoos with moisturizing effects. This will encourage the scalp for more scalp oil production.


No matter what happens, you should not think of getting a hair transplantation procedure or any other invasive hair restoration procedure for your kid. Once his / her body development is completed, you can reconsider your options with dermatologists and hair transplant clinics.

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