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Hair Loss in Kids

Many people suffer from many types of hair loss. For example, male pattern baldness is one of the first things in this world and generally hits men. There are millions of young men who suffer from male pattern baldness at such a young age. What about kids? What causes hair loss in kids? Is it male pattern baldness? Let’s take a look.

Hair loss in kids is very rare thing but not impossible. Thin hair in babies and kids are different thing. A baby will have more hair density as he / she grows up. However, a thinning hair on a child can be a serious problem. n order to understand what is the reason behind your kid’s hair loss, you should visit a dermatologist to check his / her scalp for any diseases. There are numerous types of diseases which may cause permanent and temporary hair loss.

For example, there is a skin disease called alopecia areata in which partial hair loss in different areas of the scalp can be seen. Alopecia areata can be seen in every type of person. Males, females, young, and old people can be a victim of alopecia areata. In addition to this, alopecia areata can affect beard and mustache as well. Alopecia areata cases on beard and mustache are very rare but it does happen.

Most of the hair strands lost because of alopecia areata recover themselves after a really long time. It may even take years for your scalp to recover the lost hair strands after alopecia areata. Alopecia areata does not present any risk to your skin or your body except for the damage it deals some of your hair.

Alopecia areata can be seen on children as well. However, almost all children who got hit by alopecia areata recover their hair strands loss after a long time. It’s a disease similar to shock hair loss which can happen after a hair transplantation procedure.

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