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Best Hair Transplant Method

The world’s biggest aesthetic surgical area is the hair transplantation for sure. Men’s nightmare, a balding hair has been such a curse from ancient times. The very first successful hair transplantation surgery was operated by an Ottoman Histopathologist, Menahem Hodara in 1897 but the modern transplantation operations started around the 1950s.

Throughout history, several methods have been developed and several instruments have been invented for hair transplantation operations. For example, steel blades are commonly used to extract individual follicular units from the scalp. There is also another type of blade, sapphire blade. This blade is made of precious gemstone sapphire and some of the surgeons say that these blades perform more little extraction wounds that heal more quickly after the operation.

Just like these shiny blades, there are too many other instruments needed for skilled hair transplantation surgery. So what is the best method used for hair transplantation operations? Are the instruments the only factor that determines the success of a hair plant procedure?

In order to answer such questions, you should know more about the famous hair transplantation methods in the health industry and make your comparisons depending on elements like surgeon stuff, surgery history, prices, and equipment used. The most famous hair transplantation methods can be listed as follows:

  • FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction
  • FUT, Follicular Unit Transfer
  • DHI, Direct Hair Implantation
  • Sapphire FUE
  • Robotic Hair Transplant Method

Features of Common Hair Transplantation Methods

FUE is the hair transplantation technique in which the follicular units are individually extracted from the donor area and then planted on the recipient area of the patient. It is the most preferred method in the world, especially in countries that is famous for health tourism like Turkey. Low prices and best doctors are famous for their jobs.

FUT method includes the complete removal of the follicular donor area and its plantation on the recipient area. This method was one of the most modern techniques ever developed. But it’s been losing its throne to the last years’ trend, FUE.

The DHI method is actually similar to FUE. The biggest difference between these two is that it doesn’t include a complete head shave. So you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow. But this method is a bit expensive compared to others.

Sapphire FUE follows the same steps as the original FUE does. The only difference is that the steel blades in FUE used for extraction of follicular units are replaced by sapphire blades which create more little follicular unit holes during the extraction. This feature provides faster healing of wounds.

Robotic Hair Transplant is one of the most advanced methods used for such treatments. Angles and the depth of the follicular units are calculated by a system in a digital platform developed for such purposes. This method highly reduces the possibility of in-procedure mistakes.

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