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Long-Term Side Effect of Covid-19: Hair Loss

As if Covid-19 nothing takes from our lives, now we are facing with an emerging new long-term effect of the coronavirus. After Alyssa Milano post that she had a hair loss after Covid-19, many people shared that they had the same side effect of the coronavirus. Doctors and experts say that hair loss can be a long-term effect of coronavirus.

On the Center for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website there wasn’t a hair loss among the Covid-19 symptoms. The main symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, and so on. You can find all symptoms of the Covid-19 on the CDCs website.

When we look at the reasons for hair loss we can list them to the hereditary, hormonal changes, medications and supplements, radiation therapy, stress and illnesses with fever.

As you may notice, there are common points such as fever and stress among the effects of Covid-19 and among the factors that cause hair loss. Temporary hair loss may occur as a result of diseases that produce fever in the body. Hair loss is natural in some of the people who have coronavirus and survive the disease and this hair loss will be temporary.

Many experts say that it is normal to lose 100 hair each day. If you lose more than 100 hair in a day, you may experience hair loss, and you should see a dermatologist to learn whether it is temporary.

All in all, you may experience hair loss after Covid-19. However, there is a benefit to see a dermatologist to learn your hair loss problem is temporary or what. If it is permanent, you can start to consider a hair transplant or other methods to solve your hair loss problem. If you want to learn more information about hair loss, hair transplant, and other methods you can follow our blog or you can contact us by filling out the form.

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