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What is Menopausal Hair Loss?

Every woman may experience hair loss usually when they are 40 to 50. Many reasons can be the cause of this hair loss, such as family history, medications, radiation therapies, stress, and hormonal changes. But the most common reason to lead hair loss in women is hormonal changes because of menopause.

Menopause is a natural process that every woman will experience. When a woman in a menopause period in their life, she can notice some physical changes and hormonal changes in her body. When you notice that you have irregular periods, hot flushes, mood swings, weight gain, or osteoporosis, you may enter to menopause period in your life.

Menopausal hair loss is one of the reasons to lead hair loss in women. When you are in the menopause period, your body will stop producing estrogen hormones and will start producing some male hormones. Thus, your hormone level will fluctuate. This hormonal fluctuation may lead to hair loss.

How to notice hair loss?

It is normal to shed 100 hair strands in a day, but if you notice that you have more than a hundred hair strands falling out, you may have a hair loss. You can notice these hair strands when you are in the shower or when you are brushing your hair. Also, when you look at the mirror, if you notice a thinning or a balding area in your scalp, you should see a dermatologist learn whether if you have hair loss or not.

How to prevent menopausal hair loss?

You can prevent hair loss doing some little changes in your lifestyle. These changes not only affect your hair positively but also may increase the quality of your life.

  • Eating food that includes beneficial neutrients.
  • Regularly exercising will help to slow down your hair loss.
  • Reducing stress levels is important to prevent hair loss.
  • Permanent hair transplant treatments can increase your self-esteem and solve your hair loss problem.

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