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Ice FUE Hair Transplantation

Hair loss, one of the most irritating problems of human nature, has almost become history because of the advanced and successful methods improved by the skilled Turkish Doctors. We especially mentioned the Turkish Doctors because Turkey has become the center of such health treatments. Even some famous people like singers and actors chose Turkey for their aesthetic operations. People from all over the world, especially from Europe, come to Turkey to benefit the best aesthetic treatments in the World.

Health tourism in Turkey provides you several services, especially Hair Transplantation treatments are the most famous ones in the area. Ice FUE Hair Transplantation method is one of the most preferred techniques used for hair loss treatment in Turkey. Our post will be giving you more detailed information about this treatment in terms of services and benefits.

How Is Ice FUE Hair Transplantation Done?

You should not be nervous because the whole process is a painless procedure. Local Anesthesia is administered to your scalp to prevent any possible pain or discomfort during the extraction and transplantation process. Cold solutions used for the preservation of the extracted hair grafts. This ice method is preferred to keep the follicles more alive.

You can call this as the cold version of the common FUE Hair Transplant method. Inflammation over the donor area and the planted area of the patient’s head may occur for some reason. This ice-cold method aims to prevent inflammations and prevent any future swellings.

The whole process takes 8-10 hours maximum. You should ask for some painkillers for possible future pain. Don’t use any drugs other than the prescripted ones. You are guaranteed to get to your work within 3-4 days and your full recovery will only take 6-9 months. After you have fully recovered, your hair will also have gained its regular growth rate.

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