Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Disadvantages of Hair Transplants

When it comes to speaking of an aesthetic procedure like hair transplant, confronting some difficulties are maybe sometimes inevitable. Most experts say that if a person suffers from a severe type of hair loss and want to find a permanent solution for this problem, a possible real hair transplantation procedure is his best option. A hair transplant is actually your hair extracted from the back of your head. The procedure is completely safe and the aesthetic world is full of hair transplant success story cases. However, there are some disadvantages of hair transplants which cannot be ignored just like that.

Before getting a hair transplant, there are some important things that you can’t ignore. For example, there are so many clinics and people saying that the donor area will grow new hair follicles after some of the hair follicles are extracted from there. This is completely wrong and these people simply try to attract people with such lies. The donor area will not grow new hair and that’s why surgeons examine the scalp and determine how many grafts will be extracted from the donor area. Otherwise, there would have been no other ways to increase the hair number and density on the scalp except for hair transplants.

Cons of Hair Transplantation

The most annoying thing about hair transplantation procedures is generally associated with the aftercare of the hair. The transplanted hair follicles are too sensitive during the recovery and every wrong act done during this recıvery may lead to a hair transplant failure

The thought that the donor area will not grow the extracted hair follicles again is also annoying because if the hair transplant fails, it is not certain that you will be qualified for the same hair transplant again. You should have enough hair density on your donor area for a real hair transplant because you would not want to confront an exhausted donor area caused by overharvesting of your scalp.

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