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Hair Transplant Season

Experts say that, if you want to undergo a hair transplant procedure, you can do it anytime you want. It’s not something like a fruit season though. Hair transplant season refers to the time when people visit other countries for hair transplantation procedures. With the development in the health tourism, the number of people who prefers other countries for cosmetic, aesthetic and plastic procedures has been increasing year by year.

Almost all people prefer summertimes when they visit other countries. Espcially a country like Turkey is a good destination for people who want to both visit the places around and undergo cosmetic, aesthetic and plastic procedures in the country. However, summertime may not be so comfortable for those who can’t stay in Turkey more than a week.

A hair transplantation recovery is a serious subject. You should rest at home during at least the first 5 days of your recovery. The hot and annoying weather of Istanbul may ruin your hair transplantation job. The worst thing that could happen during your recovery is your scalp’s sweating. You should not do anything that may make your body and scalp sweat. Forcing your still-healing microchannels on your scalp to sweat like that would be a diseaster.

That’s why you should spend at least 3-4 weeks in Turkey after your hair transplantation procedure if you want to visit the places around better. However, people generally uses comfortable hats to cover their heads during their recovery. This is a good way to protect your wounded scalp from sunlight exposure.

Once your scabs start falling, this means that your early recovery has finished and you can wash your hair, expose yourself to seawater but still be careful with extreme sunlight in the summertime. You would not want to experience infections or skin necrosis just because you take poor care of your wounded scalp.

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