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Hair Transplant Durability

All people who are cursed with their hair loss have a fear in common; Hair loss after hair transplantation procedure. There are a couple of elements which decides a hair transplant procedure went right or wrong. Nobody wants to undergo a hair transplant procedure if there is a risk of losing it after the procedure, and no surgeon will ever perform a hair transplant knowing that it will fail as well. Hair transplant durability should not be associated with anything other than aging.

You will be carrying hair follicles taken from the back of your head. This means that they survived from your male pattern baldness and they are just supposed to be fine for years at your recipient area ( the place on your head where you’ve been suffering from hair loss ).

Male pattern baldness is the most severe hair loss type ever. It hits an individual at an early age and the time it will stop making your hair fall out is unknown. The hair loss caused by male pattern baldness can be covered with a good hair transplant procedure but it does not treat it. There is no cure for any kind of hair loss. There are only some drugs like ” minoxidil ” that makes your little hair strands grow a bit longer but it does not create new hair follicles or hair strands.

How Long Will Transplanted Hair Last

A transplanted hair does not mean that you will be carrying something that is not yours. That’s all your hair which means that they’ve already adapted to your immune system and your scalp tissue. The only enemy of a transplanted hair is the passing time.

You can’t fight against aging, you will definitely suffer from hair loss because of aging. When or how it will start depends on the individual’s characteristics and genetics as well. After years, your hair will lose the topical look that it gained after your hair transplant procedure. You are mortal, all of the components of your body will lose their integrity in time and hello, you are supposed to die sometime as well.

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