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Mustache Transplant

One of the most famous transplant treatments coming after hair and beard transplants, Mustache Transplant treatment demands have greatly been increasing because of the ‘Hair on Face’ trend of the last years.

Beard and Mustache trend has come back after nearly 50 years and even the boys around their 20s prefer to grow a beard to follow the recent fashion. But what if your face does not grow a mustache? So this is where you should consider visiting a good clinic operating hair, beard and mustache treatments. And Turkey is the best place you can find the experts for this kind of treatment.

Mustache Transplantation Process

If you consider having a mustache transplant treatment, we would like to say that it is one of the painless procedures in this field. Don’t think too much on the certain name ” Mustache Transplant” because it is almost the same procedure as the other hair transplant treatments.

The leading method used for hair, beard, eyebrow and beard transplant treatment is the FUE technique, short for Follicular Unit Extraction. The hair on the donor area is harvested one by one with the device which is made for this purpose.

Most of the patients don’t experience any bleeding after a mustache transplantation process, but there may be slight bleedings depending on the patient’s skin type. The Clinic in Istanbul guarantee you that you will be back in your work within 2 days. And your full recovery will take 3 to 6 months. The whole process is painless and no pus or inflammation is seen after your discharge from the clinic.

Mustache Transplant Surgery Pack in Turkey

There is no need to worry about what you are going to do when you land. Employees of the Clinic will be waiting for you in the Airport to take you to the Clinic. Some of your expenses like hotel accommodation price and transportation will be covered by the Clinic.

Besides, Turkey is the capital of health tourism in the world in terms of plastic surgery and transplantation treatments. It has the cheapest prices in the world and the best doctors as well.

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