Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

A person who’s been troubling with his balding hair may want some answers to some questions. These questions could be as follows:

  • Are hair transplantation procedures painful?
  • Are these operations expensive?
  • What are the best hair transplantation methods?
  • Is hair transplant permanent?

No matter what you see and learn about such procedures, the biggest factor that affects those elements in those questions is the doctor you choose. Your surgeon determines the success rate of your treatment. I don’t want to make you feel desperate about such operations just because there are a bunch of failures in this health industry.

Our topic will mainly mention the possible answers to the question ” Is hair transplant permanent? “. If you really want an answer to this question, you need to know what causes your hair loss first.

Reasons For Hair Loss

The main reason for hair loss is heredity. Hair-loss genetics of your father, your uncle or any other relatives may have transferred this balding heredity. Doctors generally designate the back of the head as the donor area. If the follicles from your donor area are not likely to bald, you are not likely to experience hair loss, either.

Another thing that causes hair loss is medicines. If you have a chronic disease and are having chemotherapy treatment, it is inevitable that you will face with hair loss. Besides, irregular use of different kinds of drugs may lead to hair loss, as well.

Another factor that may be responsible for potential hair loss is hormonal changes in the human body. Pregnancy, childbirth or problems related to thyroid may lead to both temporary or permanent hair loss.

A recent stressful event or a process may also be considered as a cause for balding hair. I know you’re familiar with those famous balding hair stories of some people. They tell you a story in which terrible things happened and they got depressed for some time. And they claim that that is the time when the hair has started balding… These stories may look like an urban legend to you but in fact, they are mostly considered true.

Modern Transplantation techniques generally offer you a high standard of new hair, you need to be very careful while recovering your surgery wounds and you also need to be patient about waiting for your hair to grow. You can’t be sure if your hair balds or not for at least two years.

You should do whatever it takes to make your newly planted follicular units to adapt to the recipient location of your head. Any interruptions in the early recovery stage may lead your hair to lose its growing potential or may not even grow at all.

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