Learn More About Hair Transplantation


Today, the most famous hair transplantation methods are FUE and FUT. FUE, short for Follicular Unit Excision or Follicular Unit Extraction is a brand new method in which individual follicular units are extracted one by one with the help of several instruments like steel or sapphire blades. FUT, known as Follicular Unit Transplant includes a removal of a strip of donor area to be later planted on the area experiencing the hair loss. Both methods are very common these days and the choices are made depending on the hair transplantation range preferences.

What Are The Differences Between FUE and FUT?

  • In FUT Hair Transplantation Method, it is the process of gently peeling the skin on the donor area which later to is planted on the recipient area. Patients have to recover their linear scars after such operations. Most Patients grow longer hair to hide these scars during the early periods of their recovery.
  • FUE transplantation is performed by harvesting the follicular units one by one meaning there will be little spots not to be even considered as scars. It offers you faster recovery, fewer swellings ( if they ever occur ) and less painful after surgery state.
  • FUE is good for small transplantation purposes. This method is mostly preferred by younger people considering those who choose the FUT technique.
  • FUT surgery takes less time since the follicular units are not extracted one by one, they are completely taken with the hair-bearing skin on the surface.
  • The price for FUE operations is calculated depending on the follicular number being extracted. For example, you are charged with €3 for every unit extracted up to 1000 grafts, after you have exceeded this limit, they may deduct the individual price, for example, like €2. FUT operation prices are determined according to the size of the donor area and the status of the individual scalp.

Both procedures are painless operations. Upon experiencing pain or swellings, you may ask for prescripted drugs for your troubles. People are likely to have been leaving the old FUT method and prefer FUE more because of the health tourism leading countries like Turkey. Turkey is famous for its numberless Clinics operating for such purposes. The cheap prices and complete packs ( hotels, transportation and treatment, all in one. ) seem very attractive to those living overseas.

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