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Beard Transplant Turkey

Beard is undoubtedly the most important factor when it comes to present a manly looking. People describe the beard as a natural make-up, the best make-up. Unfortunately, not every man’s face grows an intense beard. So this is where Beard Transplant Surgery becomes important.

In the year 2020, After a Hair or Beard Transplant surgery, there is almost no bleeding after the operation and you are probably guaranteed to go to your work after two days. We said “Hair and Beard” because the surgeons proceed almost the same steps for both of the treatments while operating.

Why Beard Transplant?

There are a couple of common problems with some men’s beards. Besides, they are not real problems actually, %99 of these surgical operations based on the aesthetic desires of people. Here are the reasons why men prefer hair transplant treatment:

  • Naturally lacking beard: A person may not grow a single hair on his face. There are so many beardless people living in the world and may want to receive a hair transplant treatment.
  • Irregular Beard: A person may grow a nice beard but the hair directions are so ─▒rregular that result in an undesired look. Such beard types are generally hard to shave as well.
  • Partially Growing Beard: A person’s face may grow hair here and there partially. Sparse type of beard is one of the most reasons why hair transplant surgery preferred.

How Good Is Beard Transplant Treatment In Turkey?

Beard Transplant Surgeries are very popular these days, especially in Turkey, a country very famous for their high density of health tourism. We would like to call it “health tourism” because may be surprised when you learn about the plastic surgery and hair transplant business size in Turkey.

People from all over the World prefer Turkey for such operations. The prices are almost 5 times cheaper but, don’t let this situation misguide you, they have the best doctors.

You pay some amount of money just for once and you don’t face additional expenses like accommodation and transportation. They pick you up by the airport and take you to your clinic and then your hotel where you will be spending your time recovering.

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