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Artificial Hair Implantation Costs

As known as there are several types of hair transplant treatment but most of them done with natural hair that you already have. However, there is a method named artificial hair implantation and it implants artificial hair on your scalp.

In the artificial hair transplant method, surgeons use materials that used for producing synthetic hair that is biocompatible and made of artificial fiber. Because these materials are more durable and stronger than natural hair. Also, the bio-compatible artificial hair is available in different lengths from 16cm up to 45cm, shades 21 colors, and also shapes.

So, as we can see artificial hair implantation procedures are complicated and they contain lots of produced products. Thus, this affects the cost of the treatment. But we can say that the cost of the treatment can vary from country to country even from clinic to clinic located in the same place. For example in India, all treatment costs can up to 1100$, in Turkey these costs increase to 2300$, in Malaysia, it is up to 2750$, in Europe these numbers can rise up to 2900$ dollar to 4500$.

All in all, if you consider the artificial implantation hair transplant treatment for your hair loss and baldness problem, you can think about artificial implantation treatment as a fit for you or not. And you should follow every step of the procedure. So, you should choose wisely.

In my opinion, Turkey is the best place for hair transplantation treatment because Turkey offers reasonable prices and high quality at the same time. Also, Turkey has a reputation that gains from new medical techniques and equipment.

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